Launching a Digital Literacy Accelerator


The Office of Educational Technology (OET) at the U.S. Department of Education is actively looking for ways to promote digital literacy. OET believes that one effective way to support digital literacy is through innovative educational technology (edtech) tools created by a diverse array of developers who have a range of different backgrounds, life experiences, and education.

This report, coauthored by OET and WestEd staff, is aimed at agencies interested in supporting edtech or digital literacy accelerators, as well as education leaders interested in supporting strategies to address misinformation.

This report examines the following questions about the DLA:

  • What did OET and WestEd learn from research and the current state of the field of digital literacy to develop and scale innovations?

  • What were the problems teams were trying to solve?

  • What did OET and WestEd learn when teams applied their innovation to the identified problem?

  • What are the barriers to new innovations in the digital literacy space?

  • What best practices can OET and WestEd extract from the accelerator and apply to future thinking?

  • Based on OET and WestEd’s work with the DLA, what recommendations do we have for federal agencies to support the field of digital literacy?

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