Technology-Based Coaching in Adult Education (TBCAE) Final Report and Toolkit

Description The TBCAE Toolkit is designed to assist adult education program administrators, program staff, and state staff in planning and implementing text messaging that supports adult education learners’ program participation and attainment of education outcomes. The toolkit comprises of five main sections: Introduction to Toolkit and Overview of TBCAE Project: Overview of the TBCAE project approach and implementation and implementation and an overview of the tools, checklists, forms, and resources referenced in the Toolkit. Planning Text Messaging in Adult Education Programs: Descriptions of the steps staff can take in planning the use of text messaging with adult education learners. Implementing Text Messaging in Adult Education Programs: Information to help adult education staff; implement and track activities in using text messaging. Adult Education State Leadership Support for the Use of Text Messaging: Suggestions for state staff on how to support adult education program staff in using text messaging. Appendices: The tools, checklists, forms, and resources referenced in the Toolkit. The appendices are also available in Microsoft Word format to facilitate their use.

The Rapid Response, Innovation, and Challenges of Sustainability in the Time of COVID-19: Reports from the Field

Description A new report that explores how adult education programs have adapted over time to the constantly changing conditions in programs caused by ongoing but inconsistent and sporadic COVID-19 infections and local policies governing public health. The report also looks at lessons learned after more than a year of remote teaching.