E2A Tool Kit: Tips for Developing Great Evidence to Action (E2A Products


This tool kit is designed to help research teams plan for and develop effective evidence-to-action research
products. Although useful for a wider audience, the tool kit was written for research contractors who work for the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and for DOL staff who review and provide guidance on research contracts. This guide can help research contractors reach and influence practitioner audiences (referred to in the toolkit as users). This toolkit will help DOL contractors and DOL:

  • brainstorm options for evidence products and services,
  • devise effective dissemination strategies,
  • share expectations on what DOL wants from evidence products and services,
  • build contractor and staff capacity to deliver products and services that lend themselves to E2A, and
  • conduct quality assurance reviews to assess whether they are E2A-ready.
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