Transforming Distance Education

This course was developed by the EdTech Center @ World Education with support from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education. This course was designed for education providers and practitioners teaching adult basic academic skills, ESOL, and literacy at a distance and/or through blended learning; it provides strategies and resources that are essential for both setting up and implementing distance education or teaching with a blended approach. The course contains the following modules: Getting started with Distance and Blended Learning; Outreach, Screening, & Orientation: Supporting Distance Learners from the Start; Effective Distance and Blended Learning Instruction; and Assessment.

Resource Type
Instructional Material
Determine Instructional Content
Communicate With And Support Learners
Manage Courses/Instruction
Provide Instruction Through Different Modes
Assess Learning
Plan Technology Use

Skills, Literacy, Blended Learning, Distance Education, Survey Resources, Attend To Digital Inclusion, Explore Program/Teacher/Learner Needs, Create, Locate/Choose, Adapt, Evaluate, Choose Technology That Best Supports Content Or Instructional Activity, Choose Instructional Strategies, Select The LMS/CMS Website, Build The Course/Gather And Organize Course Content, Establish Communication And Support Strategies, Select And Employ Technologies, Provide Supports For Accessibility, Understand Different Modalities, Implement Chosen Mode, Determine Assessment Purpose; Choose Strategies, Choose And Implement Technologies Needed To Conduct Assessment