Adult Learning


2022 AAACE Annual Conference

How do we impact and sustain adaptability and flexibility in these dynamic times? Adult educators must consider how to reshape the integration of the contextualized aspects of adult learners and adult education, to remain part of this transformational movement of continuous engagement and creating better programs even as the urgency of the past two years starts to fade.

ProLiteracy Conference on Adult Education

From across the U.S., practitioners, instructors, administrators, directors, board members, and students gather to lead change in the adult literacy field. The conference features over 100 presentations and workshops that explore how organizations and practitioners can collaborate to build instructional capacity and deliver innovative, effective services that benefit adult learners.

TSTM EdTech Maker Space Info Session

The TSTM-SkillBlox research team is rolling into another exciting EdTech Maker Space project. As they develop content to support the integration of Teaching Skills That Matter, this Maker Space will focus on designing activities for the nine skill areas.  Join the Info Session to hear more about the project background, goals, logistics, and how to get involved. 

For Better or Worse: Designing Jobs During Technological Change

The Aspen Institute brings us a timely session on the Future of Work! As the CREATE Adult Skills Network navigates the ever-changing landscape of technology, we are eager to see what we can learn about workforce development in this age that will inform our design of technology-based interventions for adult learners.

TSTM EdTech Maker Space Showcase!

This EdTech Maker Space is the first in a series of projects that will be run throughout the year with the aim of creating, adapting, and curating OER that aligns to the Teaching Skills That Matter framework developed by the American Institutes for Research.

Teaching Skills That Matter EdTech Maker Space Info Session

We’re harnessing the power of educators through an EdTech Maker Space to locate and curate high-quality Open Educational Resources (OER) that align to these Teaching Skills That Matter topic areas: Civics, Health Literacy, Financial Literacy, and Workplace Readiness. TSTM is an initiative led by our partners the American Institutes for Research and funded by the U.S.

Digital Skills Frameworks and Assessments: A Foundation for Understanding Adult Learners’ Strengths and Learning Needs

Description The CREATE Adult Skills Network (the Network) research teams are developing technology-supported learning and assessment tools and implementing curricula to help adult learners build digital skills. Throughout this work, each team has noted the importance of gaining a better understanding of the digital skills learners need to fully participate in the research projects. To that end, this Network Brief will introduce several widely used and relevant digital literacy frameworks and assessment strategies used in adult education. The brief provides high-level descriptions of the following frameworks:   Northstar Digital Literacy standards The ISTE SkillRise Profile of a Lifelong Learner Seattle Digital Equity Initiative’s (SDEI) Digital Skills Framework The Maryland Department of Labor/Adult Education’s Digital Literacy Framework for Adult Learners