Guide for Design and Implementation of Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex Models in Adult Education

This Guide for Design and Implementation of Hybrid–Flexible Models in Adult Education helps adult education practitioners (teachers, staff, and administrators) and professional development leaders to initiate or improve their flexible multimodal instruction or courses. The guidance presented here was gleaned from several data sources: facilitated technical assistance and professional development initiatives, such as the IDEAL Consortium HyFlex Study Group, the LINCs Technology Integration Community, and a Google Group devoted to peer support on HyFlex instruction issues. It is also informed by the opportunity to observe HyFlex classes in action and interview 25 practitioners. This resulted in themes that characterize HyFlex implementation in adult education classes and have defined the benefits and challenges it presents.

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Informational Material (e.g. Research, Programmatic Material, Toolkit)
Provide Instruction through Different Modes
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online learning, HyFlex, adult education, Understand different modalities, Implement chosen mode