Digital Tools with a Purpose: Recruitment Through Orientation

How can digital tools be used to efficiently and successfully carry out recruitment, assessment of students’ digital literacy strengths and needs, onboarding, and orientation? In this webinar, learn about tools and research-based strategies for using digital tools to create an inclusive and supportive culture for welcoming new learners into your program and preparing them for success. Explore specific strategies and digital tools for finding and connecting with potential students, assessing their digital literacy strengths and needs, and helping them to have a positive start using digital devices in your classes.

Resource Type
Informational Material
Plan Technology Use
Communicate With And Support Learners
Assess Learning
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Establish communication and support strategies, Select and employ technologies, Attend to digital inclusion, Explore program, teacher, learner needs, Choose and implement technologies needed to conduct assessment, Onboarding, Strategy, Assess, Literacy, Devices