Digital Tools With a Purpose: Digital Literacy Assessments for Students With Beginner Level English Skills

Yes, there are ways you can assess the digital literacy skills of your beginning English language learners! During this webinar, you will learn about teacher-tested tools and approaches you can use right now and when planning your program’s next new student intake event. In a combination of discussion and experiential activities, you will explore assessment tools and approaches that can help you and your beginner English language learners gain an understanding of their digital literacy skills. With students’ assessment information, you can: Understand their needs before class starts to inform teacher and program planning and to ensure equitable and high-quality experiences, work with them to set digital literacy goals, and document skill development so they, and you, can celebrate their progress.

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Instructional Material
Plan Technology Use
Assess Learning
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Survey resources, Attend to digital inclusion, Explore program/teacher/learner needs, Determine assessment purpose; choose strategies, Choose and implement technologies needed to conduct assessment, Assessment, Onboarding