Digital Learning Guidance

The purpose of the California Adult Education Digital Learning Guidance — referred to here as the Digital Learning Guidance or the Guidance—is to enable adult educators in the state of California to design and implement effective digital learning experiences. The Guidance is intended to inform the practice of all California educators, support staff, and school leadership that work with adult learners. The Guidance covers best practices across a variety of topics that are foundational to effective digital learning, beginning with access and equity, and including foundational information about adult learning and digital literacy, frameworks for organizing technology integration, models for structuring instruction, and assessment

Resource Type
Informational Material
Provide Instruction Through Different Modes
Plan Technology Use
Assess Learning
Publication Year

Access, Equity, Adult Learners, Literacy, Integration, Understand Different Modalities, Implement Chosen Mode, Survey Resources, Attend To Digital Inclusion, Explore Program/Teacher/Learner Needs, Determine Assessment Purpose; Choose Strategies, Choose And Implement Technologies Needed To Conduct Assessment