CREATE Launches its Edtech Technical Assistance Library

The Create Adult Skills Network is excited to announce the launch of the Edtech Technical Assistance Library. The TA Library, carefully developed by World Education, is a compilation of technical assistance resources designed to help adult education leaders and practitioners plan and implement instruction utilizing educational technology. The resources in the TA Library are organized in the following categories. These categories mirror types of tasks for which teachers use digital technologies and for which teachers might seek assistance:

  • Planning technology use (for the prep work needed to make decisions about how to enrich programming and instruction with technology)
  • Communicating with learners (for maximizing engagement in learning by providing feedback and support to learners and/or facilitating peer engagement and collaboration through digital communication tools)
  • Managing content/instruction (for providing structure to share digital content from many different sources and develop strategies for organizing and delivering digital instruction)
  • Determining instructional content (for guidance on how to better locate, select, evaluate, and/or create digital content)
  • Providing instruction through different modes (for deploying digital tools and content in different instructional modes like hyflex or distance education in order to maximize flexibility and relevance of learning options for students)
  • Assessment (for ensuring progress and comprehension; considering purpose and strategies when crafting assessments; and choosing the best digital tools to carry them out)

All resources within the TA Library were developed by known experts and leading organizations in adult education and submitted by adult educators who have leveraged them in their work. After submission, items were evaluated, tagged, and categorized. All resources in the TA Library are free, their source is identifiable, and they fit within the technical assistance categories listed above. When you are looking for an item in the library, you can search by term, resource type, format, and/or its tagged category. 

📝 Please note that the TA Library does not contain curriculum and instructional materials. You can find those resources in different collections like the Digital Skills Library, the Edtech Integration Strategy Toolkit, and Workforce EdTech

The content in this library will grow as new resources are submitted. If you have a great TA resource to share or recommend, use this link to share it!