Call for Papers: Journal for Research on Adult Education Special Edition

The Journal for Research on Adult Education is seeking submissions on their upcoming Special Issue on Basic and Language Education for Adults with Low Literacy Skills. The are looking for papers on the following topics:

  • program effectiveness and adult learners’ outcomes
  • teacher-learner interactions (e.g., teachers ́ skills of managing heterogeneous classes)
  • Readability of texts for adults who need to develop literacy skills in everyday life contexts
  • instructional materials and methods
  • identities of adult learners (e.g., sense of classroom belonging, self-perception of learners)characteristics of adult learners who need to develop literacy skills (e.g., cognitive
  • and background profiles and their assessment)
  • literacy skills and needs related to second- or multilingual-language learners
  • organizations and policies that influence program implementation and learner outcomes
  • how adult basic and language learners use literacies and numeracies in their daily lives

Abstract of proposed article due August 1, 2023 to More details in the attachment.