AEFL Week Resource Roundup: Edtech TA Library

As part of AEFL week, we’re sharing our top five resources throughout the week! For our first resource, we’re sharing the Edtech Technical Assistance (TA) Library! This BRAND NEW resource aims to provide guidance to practitioners and adult education leaders on integrating or advancing instruction through edtech and other digital technology. Resources include technology integration and digital skills frameworks, technology adoption checklists, webinars highlighting promising resources and strategies, and technology enhanced lesson plans and guidance.

Whether it's planning technology use, communicating with learners, managing content/instruction, determining instructional content, providing instruction through different modes, or assessment, this resource supports edtech and digital technology integration in adult education.

Each resource has been evaluated by internal subject matter experts from World Education to determine their viability for inclusion, their alignment to one or more technical assistance categories (informed by prior research and the expertise represented in the CREATE Adult Skills Network), and their quality of content, structure, and guidance. 

Check this resource out by navigating under our resources tab to the Edtech TA Library or by clicking here.